The purpose of the Raymat Castle is to promote reflection, learning and social awareness around philanthropy and sustainability, through sustainable experiences in a historic site from the 12th Century.

As Sir Ronald Cohen, author of “On impact” quotes: “We each have the power to generate positive results for our society and our planet while doing good”. Those words describe very well my great-grandfather, Manuel Raventós Doménech, a visionary person who, in 1914, acquired desert lands and a 12th Century castle and turned them into a fertile and prosperous land with the reconstruction of the town of Raimat, creating jobs and housing and the Bodegas Raimat.

Today I pick up the witness of my great-grandfather to continue promoting those values. That is why we work on a sustainable tourism project with an impact on the community, a Community Foundation and a Rural Innovation Lab.

El Castell opens its doors to companies and individuals to allocate a large part of its profits to finance the social projects of the Raimat-Lleida Community Foundation.

Six principles
of action

The principles of action
of the Castle of Raymat
are the following:


Maintain an inclusive perspective in the management of the Castle, collaborating with social projects of the Raimat-Lleida Community Foundation.


Establish alliances with local entities of reference in each area to multiply the social impact generated.


Take care of the natural and historical environment of the Castle through the conservation of the habitat and the minimization of the environmental impact.


Promote the socio-economic development of Raimat and Lleida through local purchasing and contracting and the financing and generation of projects.


Promote sustainable development and innovation in the rural sector to guarantee equal opportunities for those who work in it.


Use sustainability as a lever for transforming change through sustainable services and the sustainable management of the Castle.

The Raimat-Lleida Community Foundation was born in March 2022 thanks to the support of the AEF (Spanish Association of Foundations), the collaboration of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation  and the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, to promote innovation and new philanthropic forms of territorial development.

The Raimat-Lleida Community Foundation is built WITH the community, not FOR the community and have its headquarters in the Castell de Raymat.

The SGDs and
the contribution
of rural areas

The achievement of the 2030 Agenda could not be achieved without the active collaboration of rural areas and their involvement in meeting many of the proposed goals.

The Sustainable Development Goals offer a framework for action that guides Raymat Castle, connecting them with local action and improving the Castle’s impact on the Community.

We are working on the following SDGs:


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