Castell de Raymat is in a wonderful environment with incredible views, surrounded by nature and biodiversity. Our only neighbors are the storks of the peculiar colony that inhabit Raimat all year round.

On the front façade, there is a century-old stone from the 16th century that my great-grandfather found on the mountain. It shows a hand and a bunch, which suggests that, in other times, these lands were already famous for the planting of vines.

And to think that only a century ago the only tree that kept the Castle and the extensive estate company was this centennial and wonderful holm oak …

If it is true that, as Dante Alighieri said, wine sows poetry in hearts, Raimat is surrounded by verses of all possible rhymes.


The origin of its name (before, Raymat) comes from the Arabic word “rahmat”, which means “hills, small mountains”.

The origin of its name (before Raymat) comes from the Arabic word “rahmat”, which means “hills, small mountains”.

I invite you to contemplate from the viewpoint how the sky changes color a thousand times before the sun sets on the horizon.

The Raimat winery is the result of two unique architectural projects. In 1918, Joan Rubió i Bellver, a disciple of Antonio Gaudí, built the first reinforced concrete building in Spain. In 1988, Domingo Triay carried out the expansion of the Raimat winery.

The biodiversity of Raimat

Around the Castle you can walk through Raimat Natura, a protected natural area of more than 700 hectares, with more than a hundred protected species of great value.

Thus you will discover the biodiversity that characterizes the area: a territory surrounded by ecological vineyards and orchards that produce 0 kilometer food, with a great variety of trees and plants and in which many species of animals live.

Where we are

Castell, 2 25111 Raimat, Lleida Spain
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ARRIVAL BY AVE TRAIN (www.renfe.es)

50 minutes from Barcelona (+15 km by taxi).

2 hours from Madrid (+15 km by taxi).


Less than 2 hours from Barcelona (A2).

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