Castell de Raymat is a deeply inspiring space that invites creativity, innovation or meditation. Its thick stone walls have witnessed plans and experiences throughout history.

Therefore, it is a magnificent environment to rent exclus
ively and celebrate any type of corporate event in it:


Having you and your team at Castell de Raymat gives us the opportunity to offer you a series of sustainable experiences, in tune with the purpose of the Castle:

A meeting in the spaces
of the Castle

Either in one of the various rooms or in the future Raimat LAB , a space for innovation and learning attached to the Castell de Raymat.

A tasting in one of its rooms

It is clear that the best pairing is good company. In this case, Raimat puts the good wine and you, with whom to share it.

A bicycle route through the vineyards

A wonderful walk through a unique environment, surrounded by 3,000 hectares of vineyards and accompanied by the sound of Raimat’s storks.


Let me show you the rooms and spaces where you can celebrate that corporate event you have in mind.

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With a 360º view from the top of the hill, you can admire the largest private family vineyard in Europe.

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The Castell de Raymat project

Sometimes they ask me why I want to open a family property to the public and allocate part of its profits to social projects.

For me, this is not just a business project. My main challenge is the Raimat-Lleida Community Foundation, which was created with the mission of strengthening the community of Raimat and Lleida.

Anyone can become a philanthropist and help others.

Without going any further, you. By renting the Castle, you will make it possible for part of your investment to go to community projects.

Purpose of the Castle

Castell de Raymat is a sustainable space for innovation and philanthropy, the purpose of which is to create and redistribute value in the Raimat and Lleida area. Therefore, very soon you will have the Raimat LAB, an innovation and learning platform that you can use in your corporate meetings.

Raimat LAB will have the support of companies and entities in the territory of Raimat and Lleida and its success will be measured through the progress indicators of its projects. If you belong to a company or entity in Raimat or Lleida and want to be part of it: Write to us at

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To rent the Castell de Raymat exclusively, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.
Please send us a message to check availability:

Castell, 2 25111 Raimat, Lleida Spain

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